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What to Do When When Assisted Living Isn’t Enough

As our parents age, we often see them experience a transition from living at home to new addresses in assisted living communities. These communities offer an ideal environment for people who need some help with at least one daily activity, whether it be meal preparation, medication monitoring, or mobility. Assisted living facilities are very helpful in preventing falls, malnutrition, and medication errors.

In time, though, more help may be needed. If you have one or both parents in assisted living homes, you may see their situation evolving into one where that level of care is not enough.

This can create a very challenging situation. Your loved ones have reached an unsustainable situation, but to deal with it, they will have to be uprooted from a place they may have called home for several years. Their resistance can delay the inevitable so long that their health and safety could be in danger before you’re able to get them the senior care that they need. Of course, that leads to a more difficult adjustment in the new location.

If your parents are in this situation, it is vital to encourage them to make a move as soon as possible, but the best solution to this problem is to address it before it becomes a reality. A senior living facility in Portland that offers only assistance could end up being just a stepping stone that leaves you no choice but to relocate your parents again when more help becomes necessary.

Instead of going through this graduated process, the best situation is to choose a facility that offers different levels of residential care. That makes it easier to complete a transition when someone needs a more advanced level. Your loved ones will move into a new section of the facility, but all the amenities, staff, and friends will still be available.

Laurel Parc is a senior care community located in Portland, Oregon and provides exactly such an arrangement for its residents. With independent living, assisted living, and memory care living options available, our residents can move through the various levels of senior care without ever having to relocate to a new retirement community.

Independent Living

Many residents start in our independent senior living community. They do most things for themselves but are relieved of routine chores like mowing and home maintenance. The facility also provides social interaction with three restaurants, a bar, a swimming pool, and a fitness center. Those amenities are key to providing an independent lifestyle and the opportunity to maintain an active social life is beneficial to their physical and mental health.

Assisted Living

In time, residents often move into the senior assisted living community of Laurel Parc. Here, your parents can receive the specific care services they need to remain safe and healthy while still retaining much of their independence. This arrangement provides great peace of mind for families. You’ll know that your parents will have assistance in the specific areas where they can use some help without giving up their independence.

Memory Care

If your loved one has reached a point where that level of assistance is not enough, Laurel Parc offers a memory care community. This is a secure community where those with memory-related conditions can receive the medical care, hygiene, and nutrition they need from our expert staff. There are therapy and exercise opportunities available to improve quality of life as well as activities designed to stimulated mental health, increase social interaction, and prevent the feeling of isolation.

The ideal place for your parents to go is one that can change to meet their changing needs. Once they have decided that they no longer want to stay in their own home, they can live independently at Laurel Parc with all the amenities and social interaction they would find in a retirement community.

As the years pass and they begin to have limitations that call for some targeted help, they can make a seamless transition into the assisted living area. This provides them with some extra attention to make sure they are eating properly, taking their medications correctly, and have their other basic needs taken care of.

Once that level of care is not enough, Laurel Parc can provide another simple move into the memory care area so that they can have skilled care to keep them safe and to provide the best possible quality of life.