Assisted Living vs Independent Living: Know The Difference

Taking care of an elderly parent is hard work. It is also sometimes difficult to tell what sort of care your elderly parent needs. This article will focus on the similarities and differences of assisted living vs independent living. Once you understand the differences between these facilities, you will be able to make the best decision regarding your loved one’s care.

Assisted Living vs Independent Living: What You Need to Know

Assisted care facilities are generally for adults who struggle with completing daily tasks on their own. Adults at such facilities have the freedom to live independently. However, they also get support for a wide range of basic care needs. Some examples of services provided for residents are as follows:

  • Housekeeping services
  • Maintenance services
  • Meal preparation
  • Laundry services
  • Transportation
  • Medication management

Keep in mind that not every assisted living facility will offer all of the above services. However, the best programs will offer as many of the above services as possible, and most of these services will be included in the monthly rent.

Before committing to a care home, ask which amenities are offered. Compare this list of offered amenities with a list of the services your loved one requires.

At most assisted care facilities, your loved one will also be invited to participate in extracurricular activities. Some care homes take residents on day trips and plan social activities in which residents can participate. Light exercise programs and sports might also be offered.

Assisted Living vs Independent Living Facilities

While assisted living homes are designed for those who need help with daily tasks, independent living for seniors is designed for adults who are able to live alone but still want access to assistance. Such facilities offer residents convenient access to health care, food, entertainment and other services.

Most centers for independent living provide minimal assistance for seniors. However, most of these programs do offer housekeeping, meal programs and laundry services, though these amenities may not be included in the rental amount. Before deciding on a care home for your loved one, sit down with him or her. Make a list of their needs and wants. Then, tour some possible facilities.

Be sure to ultimately choose the one that gives you the best quality and the most amenities for your money. You will also want to consider things such as size and location. For instance, would your loved one be happy in a larger community or a smaller one? Does it matter if you choose one in a large or a small city?

Make a list of questions you want to ask the staff before you go in to tour each community. Ask for brochures and website names, just in case there are some programs offered that you’d like to read more about later.

If possible, arrange to meet some of the residents at each facility. Meeting residents allows you to probe for further information about the quality of services offered.

The Process of Determining Assisted Living vs Independent Living is Tough. Breathe.

Though weighing the options of assisted living vs independent living in Portland might seem stressful at first, you can make the appropriate decision if you plan ahead. Speak with your loved one about the services he or she desires most, tour facilities together.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions of the staff members. Overall, the best decision for your family is one you will make together.

Situations like this are always difficult but if you have a quality support system combined with quality senior living care, you can make it through!

If one or both of your parents need assisted living care in Beaverton or the Portland metro area in Oregon, contact Laurel Parc at Bethany Village to arrange a tour of the best possible care to suit their needs. Reach out to us today to ask any questions or arrange a visit.

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